Next Media

Who We Are

nextMEDIA is a group of digital and social media marketing ninjas who pride themselves in building brands and driving sales through out-of-the-box strategic thinking and targeted campaigns.


Our multigenerational team of ninjas has eclectic backgrounds – creative, sales, marketing, entrepreneurship and corporate executives – which creates an environment of entrepreneurial spirit with a dash of corporate discipline.


As former marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and corporate executives nextMEDIA has an entrepreneurial spirit with a dash of corporate discipline. We take a holistic view of marketing challenges and consider operations and finance so that social and digital media marketing efforts are synergistic.


Some Wild Facts About Us:
– One of our Ninjas used to have several businesses and basically lived on an airplane. Most of his friends were convinced, and think he still works for the CIA.

– Of course our passion and desire to help businesses grow fuels us, but Cuban coffee may do an even better job of it.

– We’re still trying to figure out why our creatives never sleep, or maybe it just seems that way.It could be because they drink more Cuban coffee than any of us!

– Another one of our Ninjas had a women’s-only Halloween costume boutique and then she became a full-time mom. She went from one scary career to another.

– We love that we’re in Miami, and being surrounded by so many different cultures is what gives us that special, unique flavor. But the best thing about Miami is that it’s close to the United States.



Next Media

1635 SW 82 Ct., Miami, FL 33155

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